Tony’s Story – A Lifetime of Transformation

Transformation has been a theme that has resonated throughout Tony Mitchell’s life since birth. Given up by his birth mother to foster care as a newborn, Tony was in the foster care system for two years before a caring yet impoverished family adopted him.

His family managed to meet almost all their needs from what was produced on their small farm. This led Tony to define “wealthy” as being able to buy more than basic staples from a store. Growing up on a farm and in poverty taught him the importance of hard work, perseverance, and key principles about the transformation process.

“You have to know where you are, where you want to go, and ultimately, how you’re going to get there.”

Through hard work and determination, Tony overcame his disadvantaged background, becoming the only member of his family to go to college and earn a degree.

How, then, did someone from such a disadvantaged background not only earn an honors degree and become a CPA, but advance to hold a number of C-level positions with prestigious corporations, as well as serve on boards of companies and non-profit organizations?

Tony learned that genuine transformation
is best driven by truth-based convictions.

For Tony this path to transformation included gaining understanding of the differences between a non-business vs. business environment, black vs. white culture, and rural vs. urban settings. From childhood, he found himself asking, “How am I going to stay true to my convictions yet adapt to a new environment?” Later, as a professional, Tony revised this question to, “How will our business stay true to its purpose yet adapt to a new environment?”

How does Tony’s experience help you?

Tony’s journey revealed his ability to adapt at a moment’s notice, self-direct when necessary, and apply practical thinking in every situation. He applied these principles to help transform several organizations throughout his career.

You gain the benefit of Tony’s remarkable life and career experience.
Tony is passionate about applying his decades of growth and experience to helping boards, organizations and leaders discover the benefits and rewards of intentional and genuine transformation derived from truth-based convictions.

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