Tony Mitchell

In today’s erratic and unpredictable environment, organizations and their leaders need to transform to stay ahead of the curve. As someone with real-life experience who has been in the trenches and led real transformation, Tony speaks to how to transform your organization, board and leadership. Then he becomes an advocate, a consigliere, in the transformation journey.

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How can my board lead transformation?

In the 21st century, pressures and demands of the corporate board room – and the C-suite – are more intense than ever. Rapid and unexpected disruption impacts organizations with unprecedented speed, requiring leaders to be wise, discerning, agile and adaptable. To survive and thrive in this environment, more than modest adjustments are required. It often demands transformation on many levels. The question is, do you know how?

Tony has spent three decades working with small, private companies and huge, multi-billion publicly traded corporations – not only as a C-level executive but also as a board chairman and board member. Combined with this experience, he also frequently speaks on building healthy marriages. As a result, he understands the dynamics of both equity and family-owned businesses. Drawing from his wealth of experience he joins your board to provide real-world counsel in casting your organization’s vision and helping your organization best define a strategy that moves your business from where it is, to where it needs to be.


Inspire and Motivate

If you’re like most people, life is coming at you 100 miles an hour and you realize there’s a need to quickly adapt and put real transformation into practice. I know exactly how you feel. I have experienced the need for transformation firsthand – both corporately and personally. (see Tony’s Story.) Through my journey, I’ve learned organizational and leadership lessons that I’m unapologetically passionate about sharing – to inspire, motivate and help others experience real transformation – in their organizations, and personally as a leader.

 Tony speaks on a variety of themes including:

• The Power of Leading by Truth-Based Convictions
• Organizational Transformation 
• Cultural Transformation 
• Personal Transformation  
• Leaving a Legacy 
• Building a Strong, Thriving Marriage

In 2009 Tony became Chairman of the MFHA board. During his tenure Tony helped management streamline its financial reporting, enhance its sponsorship value proposition and re-organize the governance model. As a result of Tony’s leadership, MFHA has a new product platform that is focused on building “Cultural Intelligence” for its members and the industry. This new business model has transformed the organization and has enhanced MFHA’s ability to help its members attract, develop and retain multicultural talent.

Tony and I have worked together for more than a decade, most recently as a CEO-CFO combination. During our time working together, Tony helped lead our company to double in size, while improving margins, DSO and working capital. Tony helped lead us through both good times and challenging times. He is strategic, thoughtful, and has a servant leadership management style. He is respected and trusted in our organization. I can attest to Tony’s business acumen, value system and integrity. He has impacted our financial performance, but also our culture…all for the better.

Tony is a visionary leader who can make the tough decisions that are necessary for a business to remain relevant. He is a man of integrity, a great communicator and has excellent coaching and developing skills. I personally am a much better executive because of Tony Mitchell’s leadership and mentoring.

Tony’s strategic insights and innovative ideas on how to be proactive in addressing the “new normal” are well received by his peers. His approach is tried and true and shown to be effective not just theoretical. Strategic thinking is a gift which Tony possesses. I always look forward to hearing the new strategic ideas he shares on a monthly basis.

Previous consultants have tried (and not been successful) to accomplish where you are helping us to succeed.

Tony can see the forest for the trees and the trees for the forest. He gets the big picture and the small picture and has the amazing skill to take the little puzzle pieces with no discernable match and put them all together to make a complex puzzle come together with clarity and beauty.

Tony has impeccable integrity, whit, compassion, authenticity, and inspiration both in helping others and in applying these qualities to his own life and goals.

While thinking inside the box due to necessary constraints, Tony simultaneously provides an out of the box approach.

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