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If you’re like most people, life is coming at you 100 miles an hour and you realize there’s a need to adjust and put real transformation into practice. I know exactly how you feel. I have experienced the need for transformation firsthand – both corporately and individually. Through my journey, I’ve learned life and leadership lessons that I’m unapologetically passionate about sharing – to inspire, motivate and help others experience real transformation.

Tony speaks powerfully about transformation and effective leadership from a foundation of decades of experience living it out in both business and life. His history of navigating pivotal points in life not only is inspirational and extremely practical but also demonstrates how making the right decision, at the right time can transform an organization and an individual to new levels.

Steven French, President, Lifework Leadership

Tony is one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers I have ever had the privilege of encountering. His ability to bridge the challenges of his life story with inspiring and edifying others is matchless. For anyone looking to be inspired or to inspire their employees, Tony would be a great match! He is the embodiment of effective and transformative leadership. Through his coaching and guidance, I have made a number of organizational adjustments that have paid tremendous dividends for my team.

Anthony M. Flynn, Founder, The Gifted Education Foundation


Tony speaks on a variety of themes including:

• Leadership
• Organizational Transformation and Strategy
• Cultural Transformation and Employee Engagement
• Personal Transformation  
• Leaving a Legacy of Transformation
• Building a Strong, Thriving Marriage

Tony has spoken at many executive leadership events, including Lifework Leadership and CFO Magazine’s national conference and has been invited to participate on numerous executive panels, including Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Leadership Panel and MFHA’s Diverse Executives Panel. He also speaks at gatherings in support of orphans and vulnerable children. He and his wife, Venita, also speak at marriage retreats and are ongoing speakers for FamilyLife’s nationwide “Weekend to Remember”® marriage getaways.

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Tony helped me by just being real, honest and telling it like it is.

He inspired me … He’s just awesome!

Very moving and provided amazing content.

Very open and connected well with us personally.