How can I develop a leadership model that promotes organizational alignment and strong personal leadership?

The Challenge

Today’s executives face a multitude of opportunities and challenges in leading their organizations, as well as their personal lives. You need to continue developing on many levels; often, both personal and leadership team transformation is necessary to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Tony comes alongside you and your executive team to provide practical, meaningful guidance, often at pivotal moments in your organization’s or leader’s journey. He helps you focus on areas such as: developing a leadership model that fits your company, individual emotional intelligence, work-life balance, and defining and pursuing personal life purpose. Then he helps you cascade your unique leadership model throughout your organization in a way that promotes alignment with the collective organizational goals while honoring individual’s personal leadership objectives.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.


No one – even the best leaders – operate successfully in a vacuum. We need one another to fulfill our mission and achieve our goals. Tony likes to use the analogy that in sports, championship teams consist of players so strongly aligned that even when there is a broken play, they can still execute their roles flawlessly because they are so in sync with one another. They know what the other person is thinking, often with little or no communication. Tony’s objective in working with leadership teams is to build this level of alignment so the organization can produce consistent, winning performances.


Leadership can become an island of solitude with few trusted confidants to turn to in a time of need. As a trusted advisor, coach, or mentor Tony brings more than 30 years of real-life experience to the process, confidently helping leaders and their leadership teams transform themselves and their organizations. He offers a behind the scenes voice as one who has worked through the same types of situations, good and bad, which executives find themselves in today, identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and problems, in the midst of crucial, pivotal circumstances.

Tony is a visionary leader who can make the tough decisions that are necessary for a business to remain relevant. He is a man of integrity, a great communicator and has excellent coaching and developing skills. I personally am a much better executive because of Tony Mitchell's leadership and mentoring.

Tony has impeccable integrity, whit, compassion, authenticity and inspiration both in helping others and in applying these qualities to his own life and goals.

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