How do I transform my organization?

The Challenge

Businesses are either being disrupted or about to be disrupted by the marketplace and changing environments. Yet change isn’t easy, especially when things are going reasonably well. As the saying goes, “You’re either getting better or getting worse.” And often the path to success requires corporate transformation. Reasons may include strategies for establishing a presence in new markets, moving from a commodity to a premium product and service, overcoming stagnation, accommodating new acquisitions, remedying a toxic work culture or formulating a new one, elevating key personnel as well as the need to make key critical staff changes, and many others. Tony Mitchell brings nearly 30 years of experience to the process of helping you transform an organization and raising it to levels never achieved before.

People and Relationships

As in sports, businesses and organizations win with people. Even the sharpest vision cannot be realized without the right people, in the right places, doing the right jobs. Having the right mix of people, talents and experience can quickly move a company from, “You guys are just like everybody else,” to “You guys are the only ones that get it!”

Tony’s strategic insights and innovative ideas on how to be proactive in addressing the “new normal” are well received by his peers. His approach is tried and true and shown to be effective not just theoretical. Strategic thinking is a gift Tony possesses.

While thinking inside the box due to necessary constraints, Tony simultaneously provides an out of the box approach.

Tony can see the forest for the trees and the trees for the forest. He gets the big picture and the small picture and has the amazing skill to take the little puzzle pieces with no discernable match and put them all together to make a complex puzzle come together with clarity and beauty.

He’s not seeking materialism, power, a title, an office location — he’s just interested in making things work well, and treating people well in the process. Tony’s council, I’d say, is more well-intended and pure than the average guy. This doesn’t mean he’s soft though!

Previous consultants have tried (and not been successful) to accomplish where you are helping us to succeed.


Even with great vision, excellent people and solid strategy, without proper execution the end result can easily become a waste of time, energy and resources. Again and again, Tony has led the way for achieving results that exceeded expectations and he can do the same with you, all focused on transforming your organization or even a specific functional area to a level unachieved before.

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